Mozilla to refile suit against FCC over net neutrality

Mozilla is all set to refile a suit against FCC over net neutrality.

Mozilla filed a petition against FCC last month to overturn net neutrality legislation. The Federal Communications Commission dismissed that suit on a technicality relating to the specific date in which it was filed.

It is more evident that FCC wanted Mozilla to file the suit after FCC publish the repeal in Federal Register.

Mozilla expected this and has announced that it will refile the suit 10 days after federal publishing.

“Protecting net neutrality is core to the internet and crucial for people’s jobs and everyday lives. It is imperative that all internet traffic be treated equally, without discrimination against content or type of traffic — that’s the how the internet was built and what has made it one of the greatest inventions of all time.” – Mozilla said in a press statement.

Mozilla also said it will join hands with Congress and internet users to fight against FCC’s decision on Net Neutrality.

“We will always fight to protect the open internet and will continue to challenge the FCC’s decision to destroy net neutrality in the courts, in Congress, and with our allies and internet users”

“We will re-file our suit against the FCC at the appropriate time (10 days after the order is published in the Federal Register)” – said.

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